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This is a place where our classical hosts, interns and artists can share their stories, viewpoints and point of view on topics related to classical music and the arts in general. Come back to this page often to read the latest and share your comments.

The Outlaw Ocean Music Project: Music Making from Journalism


What do musicians and journalists have in common? They both tell stories - some in words, others in music.

Investigative reporter and New York Times award-winning author Ian Urbina has spent decades reporting on human rights, labor and environmental crimes. For the past five years however, his reporting has focused on what he has called The Outlaw Ocean, a New York Times best-selling book that chronicles the lawlessness that happens in the waters covering our planet. Two thirds of the earth is covered by water, and these waters employ nearly 56 million people full time. From human slavery, gun running, illegal and overfishing, arms trafficking, illegal dumping and more, this project is raising awareness to the needs of the people who work out there.

After collecting years of field recordings, Urbina decided to take this a step further, by launching an artistic experiment that would attempt to translate storytelling from the written word into music. Urbina reached out to musicians all over the world and of all genres to invite them to create works to capture the emotion of the project. Musicians from electronic, ambient, classical, hip hop and more quickly signed onto the project. Submissions came in from Switzerland, the Czech Republic, Belgium, Australia, Italy, Egypt, Sweden, Hungary, the USA and many more.

To learn more about The Outlaw Ocean Music Project and listen to some of its classical tracks visit https://www.theoutlawoceanmusic.com/genres/classical. You'll find compositions by such familiar names as Anthony Newman and Stephen Hough, among others.