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Since 2003 WXXI and the Al Sigl Community of Agencies have worked together with the Herman and Margaret Schwartz Community to help break the ingrained stereotypes about individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. The year-round project called MOVE TO INCLUDE, is designed to motivate individuals to take action and include more people with disabilities in the workplace, in schools, neighborhoods and in all aspects of society. Dialogue on Disability, a week-long spotlight initiative takes place every January, and is supported by the Fred L. Emerson Foundation with additional support from The Golisano Foundation.

GCSU library provides research guide for accessibility in music


More Able Than Dis: Accessible Music in America provides a research guide which serves as a storehouse for information on accessibility in music, specifically in the U.S.

Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis is associate professor of music, specializing in music education at Georgia College and State University. Her primary research interests include self-regulate musical learning and impacts of disability in music education.

Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis, Coordinator of Music Education, GSCU
Dr. Tina Holmes-Davis, Coordinator of Music Education, GSCU

Her music education students have completed 30+ guided research projects since 2015 on topics including: teaching students with special need in the music classroom, music program advocacy, trauma-informed and culturally-responsive teaching strategies, and the roles of women composers and conductors.

Her research guide, More Able Than Dis: Accessible Music in America, provides direction for those in need of accessible options, encourages more development of accessible options, and allows those with specific needs to collaborate with others. Contact Tina Holmes-Davis at tina.holmes-davis@gcsu.edu
for educational or equipment needs, assistance in finding resources, or to contribute to the guide.

Some of the resources in the guide include:

United Sound - United Sound matches participating music programs and students with disabilities in efforts to play musical instruments and perform together.

Wind Instrument Repair and Modification - Source for maintenance, repair, and modifications on wind instruments of all descriptions.

One-handed Woodwinds Program - The mission of the UNK One-Handed Woodwinds Program is to make one-handed woodwind instruments available to permanently disabled individuals.

Another Way to Play - This site is devoted to music and movement education, and helping people with limb differences develop adaptive instrument techniques.

Learn more and find more resources.

In the following video, David Nabb, Professor of Music at the University of Nebraska at Kearney shares his journey with disability.

After surviving a stroke in 2000, he worked with Jeff Stelling of Stelling Brass & Winds in Kearney, NE to develop an award-winning one-handed, toggle-key saxophone. Accolades for Nabb and Stelling's instrument include the premiere “playable” award from the One Handed Musical Instrument Trust’s 2013 competition, as well as awards from VSA, NAPBIRT, and NAMM at the Kennedy Center in Washington DC. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community.