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The NYPO opens the newly renovated David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center

The interior of David Geffen Hall, seen on September 10.
Photo: Richard Barnes/JBSA, Courtesy of Diamond Schmitt.
The interior of David Geffen Hall, seen on September 10.

After years of disappointing acoustics (since 1962), Gaffen Hall at Lincoln Center reopens with great hope.

On Oct. 8, 2022, David Geffen Hall at Lincoln Center, home to the New York Philharmonic Orchestra, reopened after a $550 million renovation that aimed to fix the acoustic woes that have plagued the hall since 1962 when it opened.

As orchestras and performing arts organizations strive to regain live audiences, and cities seek to increase the tourism that these organizations often encourage, the New York Philharmonic hopes that the newly renovated hall will not only create the world-class hall it was intended to be, but that it will also entice new generations of concertgoers to come to experience these concerts and arts events.

In addition to the newly renovated hall, the NYPO and orchestras throughout the United States, are working hard to draw more diverse audiences to the concert hall. Concert programs include music that presents the voices of women, as well as musicians of the rich LatinX and African diaspora, musical heritages that are often underrepresented, and also addressing the injustices done by destroying neighborhoods when the hall was first built.

Watch this videoas CBS Sunday Morning correspondent David Pogue goes inside the upgrade of a world-class venue.

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