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The Queen of the Night who Refused to Sing

© 2018 The Metropolitan Opera.

Eastman graduate and Rochester Classical Idol winner Kathryn Lewek reigns as one of the world's leading Queens of the Night in Mozart's Die Zauberflöte (The Magic Flute).

"I can’t think of Queen as all evil. If she were, then it wouldn’t be fun to keep doing the role. The Queen needs a reason for the rage. What she shows is inside of us all, except, she doesn’t hide it. I’m not a rage-filled person, but if someone’s done wrong to me or to someone I love, I want them to stub their toe as hard as possible, but I’ve never wished somebody to die,” Lewek says with all seriousness, but then adds with a chuckle, “The Queen and I differ there."

In this interview with Chris Ruel of OperaWire, she reflects on her fateful coronation, recent motherhood, and her return to the stage.  For a cute video of babies singing at the Met, click here.