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This is a place where our classical hosts, interns and artists can share their stories, viewpoints and point of view on topics related to classical music and the arts in general. Come back to this page often to read the latest and share your comments.

Something To Sink Your Teeth Into, or, Music That Bites You Back

WXXI announcer John Andres as a student at East High
WXXI announcer John Andres as a student at East High

 It happened one day in 9th Grade Choir at East High School.

It was the spring of 1965 and our music teacher Mr. W. had just introduced us to some new music that we would perform later that year.

Mr. W. instructed us to watch him very closely as he demonstrated the fine technique of breathing just before he started to sing the first note. He opened his mouth and let out a big gasp. Mr. W. caught his dentures from falling out!

The class erupted into laughter and our music teacher joined in. He suggested that he should try the exercise again with a different result! (No loose dentures). Everyone chuckled again; even the pianist.

The class performed the music at our spring concert. Mr. W’s choppers stayed in the right place that time.

This story is part of our celebration of Music in Our Schools Month. You are invited to join in by sharing your memories of learning music or tribute to a music teacher, donating an instrument, and find a list of concerts at schools this month.

John Andres is your genial host, Sunday mornings from 6 to 8 a.m. and often fills in on other day parts. His love of classical music comes from his parents who took him to concerts at a young age. John says that with a little practice he can still play five pieces on the piano. He can play many, many more on the radio. John enjoys swimming, reading, history and current events. You may see John out in the community where he loves meeting faithful listeners at WXXI events.