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Pipedreams host Michael Barone goes back to the beginning, November 2021

August Schwerdfeger

November 14 @ 8pm

At age 75, American organist, radio host, and producer Michael Barone is "considering retirement." Before he does, he'll return to the beginning and how his interest in the pipe organ began. Tune in Nov 14th at 8pm.

11/7 Bach in Alsace An exploration of instruments that influenced Albert Schweitzer and inspired the beginnings of the Organ Reform movement.

11/14 In the Beginning Pipedreams host Michael Barone shares some of the recordings that fueled his early interest in the pipe organ.

11/21 With Orchestra Whether with strings alone or with chamber-sized or symphonic ensembles, nothing enhances the sound of a pipe organ better.

11/28 Giving Thanks Music in celebratory appreciation of our beneficences.