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Toby Fox's original score, plus arrangements for solo piano and orchestra, GamePlay, Jan 22 @ 11am & 7pm


1/1 Early Music Videogame scores that take us to places far away through the sounds of long ago.

1/8 Horizon Zero Dawn A world that’s both prehistoric and futuristic, full of natural beauty, tribal societies, and giant robotic beasts.

1/15 Castlevania A musical celebration of one of the most beloved gothic-horror videogame series of all time.

1/22 Undertale Toby Fox’s eclectic score brings to life a funny and moving story with a memorable cast of characters. We’ll hear the original score, plus arrangements for solo piano, orchestra and more.

1/29 Strategy Games Scores from games like Starcraft, Civilization, SimCity and more. Strategy games challenge the player’s ability to think and plan, whether building cities, leading armies or exploring faraway galaxies.

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