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GamePlay in February takes us into games in a Winter Wonderland


Once gamers unlock Winter of Year 1 a "suspicious-looking figure" will appear on the path, but they will run off after being startled by your approach. Hear more music from games with winter themes, 2/26 @ 11a and 7p.

2/5 Final Fantasy VII Remake Dr. Matthew Thompson, music professor, pianist, vocal coach, and authority on video game music will guide us through the soundtrack to Final Fantasy 7 Remake, comparing the ambitious 2020 score with the iconic 1997 original.

2/12 Minecraft The charming, blocky 3D world of Minecraft has sparked the creativity of millions. This week on Gameplay, we’ll celebrate the original game’s intriguing music alongside scores written for its many spinoff titles.

2/19 Spooky Ambient horror soundscapes, jazzy jump scares, and everything in between! We’ll hear themes from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Luigi’s Mansion, and much more.

2/26 Winter Wonderland  Snowy music from Undertale, Pokemon Diamond and Pearl, Stardew Valley, Super Mario 3D World, and more!

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