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Hear the personality and mastery of Aníbal Troilo on Tango with Cally in July (7/6 @ 10p)

Anibal Troilo album cover with bandoleon

Although neither a stylist or a virtuoso bandoneon player, Aníbal Troilo had something so many others didn't have; a mastery of personality and feeling in his expression.

7/6 The Struggle of Aníbal Troilo The music, life and times of superstar orchestra leader and bandoneon soloist Aníbal Troilo.

7/13 Cowboys and Gauchos The musical connections between depictions of the open land in American classical music and Argentine gaucho songs.

7/20 It Takes Two to Tango Cally shares the back story on the famous phrase!

7/27 Poema  The famous 1935 Canaro tango "Poema" has a dark story behind it.

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