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Young organists are highlighted on Pipedreams in July (7/17 @ 8p)

Young Asian boy in sport shirt, sits at the keyboard of a pipeorgan
Jane Robertson/CBC
Jason Chen picked up the organ to get better at piano, but now plans to stick with the instrument.

The pipe organ has been a part of the liturgical services for hundreds of years, but this relic of the past serves no one without an organist. We'll hear some young organists on the 7/17 program.

Read about a program that is seeking to train young organists to take on the King of Instruments (from the CBC).

7/3 All Around America A sampler of composers, performers and instruments from the north, south, east, and west.

7/10 Sounds Sensational  Listening to these new recordings is almost as good as being there.

7/17 A Methuen Young Artists Showcase Concert performances by soloists ages 17-21 at the Methuen Memorial Music Hall in Massachusetts.

7/24 Inaugural Delights Some select sounds of recently-installed instruments.

7/31 Turning Bach Regardless of how or where or on what you play it, Bach’s music always comes round right.