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The brand new radio series from the California Symphony kicks off in August 2022


Commissioned by the California Symphony Orchestra, Kevin Puts' Network (1997) is a short, explosive fanfare that, as Puts describes "wasn't inspired by anything in particular. It is driven by the pure enjoyment of chords and rhythm and orchestral sounds." More recent Puts compositions are in a more lyrical and Romantic style. We'll hear Network at 8pm on Aug 23rd.

8/16 Theofanidis: Peace Love Light Mozart: Piano Concerto Beethoven: Symphony No. 4 (Maria Radutu, p; Donato Cabrera, cond)

8/23 Puts: Network Mozart: Flute Concerto Rachmaninoff: Symphony No. 2 (Annie Wu, f; Donato Cabrera, cond)

8/30      Mozart: Symphony No. 1 Puts: Flute Concerto Haydn: Symphony No. 104 (Annie Wu, f; Donato Cabrera, cond)

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