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GamePlay takes us into the 3D world of Minecraft, and the music that brings the game to life, August 2022

Minecraft Nether Update Soundtrack

Music tracks can play at various points during gameplay. Some types of music are triggered by events, while others play randomly while certain criteria are met. Tune in Aug 20 @ 11am or 7pm to explore the 3D world through the music.

8/6 Strategy Games Scores from games like Starcraft, Civilization, SimCity, and more. Strategy games challenge the player’s ability to think and plan, whether building cities, leading armies, or exploring faraway galaxies.

8/13 Final Fantasy VII Remake "... Systems have a life, but the music just perseveres."

8/20 Minecraft The charming, blocky 3D world of Minecraft has sparked the creativity of millions. This week on Gameplay, we’ll celebrate the original game’s intriguing music alongside scores written for its many spinoff titles.

8/27 Spooky Ambient horror soundscapes, jazzy jump scares, and everything in between! We’ll hear themes from Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Luigi’s Mansion, and much more.

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