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Tango with Cally in September presents Ukraine's Kiev Tango Project

Kiev Tango Project
Kiev Tango Project

Considered the best instrumental tango team in Ukraine, the Kiev Tango Project presents a real mix of jazz, tango, pop harmony, classical texture and virtuosity. We'll hear them on 9/28 @ 10pm.

9/7 The Backup Musicians Music and stories featuring the hard working Tango backup musicians.

9/14 Tango Tenors The tenors of tango and their connections to opera. Host Cally Banham spotlights selections from some of the greatest Tango tenors of all time, including old guard stars like Italian opera singer Tito Schipa and popular song icon Augustín Magaldi, along with her favorites from the Golden Era, Francisco Fiorentino and Ricardo Ruiz.

9/21 Daniel Barenboim in Buenos Aires Tango recordings and other music from the Argentine born pianist and conductor, Daniel Barenboim. Pianist and conductor Daniel Barenboim was born in Buenos Aires and lived there until he was 10 years old. In 2000 he returned to Argentina to play a solo recital at the famed Teatro Colón. Host Cally Banham shares selections from his live performance in BA and some of his other recordings, and tells the story of Barenboim’s early life in Argentina.

9/28 Kiev Tango Project Music from Ukraine's leading contemporary Tango ensemble, along with Golden Era standards. Four stellar musicians make up this outstanding instrumental tango team in Ukraine led by violinist Kirill Sharapov. Host Cally Banham showcases recordings from this ensemble, which are a blast of emotions, virtuoso technique, and beauty of sound. Also featured are Golden Era standards from Francisco Canaro and Orquesta Tipica Victor.

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