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Tango with Cally moves to 11pm on Oct 12th

Argentina's cultural tradition of tango at classic ‘milongas,’ or tango halls.
Argentina's cultural tradition of tango at classic ‘milongas,’ or tango halls.

During the Hochstein season, Live from Hochstein repeats at 10pm and Tango with Cally moves to 11pm

10/5 Milonga! Milonga - the tango word defined, and the style of music celebrated with fun selections. One can dance a milonga at a milonga! The term represents not just a musical style, but is also the name for a Tango dance party. Cally delves into the origin of the word and plays some varied and delightful examples of this energetic music, from Francisco Canaro, Juan D’Arienzo and more.

Tango with Cally moves to 11pm during Live from Hochstein season

10/12 Tango Poet Homero Manzi The life and poetry of one of Tango's most beloved lyricists, Homero Manzi. Author of lyrics for dozens of notable tangos, Homero Manzi was an important partner to composers like Aníbal Troilo, Sebastian Piana, and Lucio Demare. Host Cally Banham tells the story of this talented poet’s short life, and offers translations and hearings of some of his most beautiful tangos.

10/19 The Brothers Donato  Celebrating the compositions and performances of the talented trio of Golden Era tango musician brothers. Violinist, orchestra leader and composer Edgardo Donato came from a family of nine children! Two of his brothers, Ascanio and Osvaldo, were also musicians and sometimes collaborated with their more famous brother. This week Cally features choice scores and performances by the brothers Donato.

10/26 Celebrities Who Tango The word on famous actors and other celebrities who tango, and the music they love! A whole fleet of well-known actors have learned to tango for a role or a scene in a movie or TV show. Actors like Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez, Colin Firth and Robert Duvall to name just a few. Host Cally Banham shares the celebrity gossip on who gave up on the tango and who got hooked! The music of Osvaldo Pugliese, Carlos Gardel, and Rodolfo Biagi are featured.

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