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Fiesta explores the music of Sephardic Jews, Feb 9th @ 10pm

The Rich History of Sephardic Jews
The Rich History of Sephardic Jews

Expelled from Spain, the culture, language and music of Sephardic Jews or Ladinos, long associated with the Iberian Peninsula, has been preserved in Northern Africa, Greece, Turkey and the Netherlands.

2/2 Great Brazilian Pianists Brazil has always had a strong tradition of great pianists. On this program, Fiesta features some of the most accomplished Brazilian pianists, among them Nelson Freire, Arnaldo Cohen, Caio Pagano, Arnaldo Estrelha and Arthur Moreira Lima.

2/9 Travels to Sepharad Sepharad is the name the Spanish Jews gave to that land, thence their denomination as Sephardic people. Expelled from Spain alongside the Muslims, their culture, and their language, the Ladino, have been preserved in Northern Africa, Greece, Turkey and the Netherlands. Jewish Sephardic music is one of the most fascinating music styles to come out of Spain. We will share recordings of this lesser known style of music.

2/16 Celebrating Women Composers of Latin America Fiesta music recognizes a great number of women composers, among them Gisela Hernández (Cuba), Modesta Bor, María Luisa Escobar & Adina Izarra (Venezuela) and María Granillo (Mexico).

2/23 Afro-Latin American Music It is impossible to understand Latin American culture without learning about the huge impact its African roots had on culture and music. Their DNA, traditions, culture and music are alive and are a very important part of Latin American (and US) history. This week, Fiesta presents music reflecting on the experience of Afro-Latin composers with music including Francisco Mignone (Brazil) and Amadeo Roldán (Cuba).

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