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A celebration of spring and rebirth on Pipedreams, Sun 4/9 @ 8pm

Cycles of renewal and rebirth are visible all around us should we open our eyes to them. Like the Easter anthem proclaims, grain rises out of wintery soil - and we'll enjoy music that reflects this rebirth.

Now the Green Blade Riseth (Lent)
Janneke Rosenbrand
Now the Green Blade Riseth (Lent)

4/2 Advancing the Art When interesting and unusual scores are shared through compelling performances, everyone wins.

4/9 Now the Green Blade Riseth The festival of Easter is integral to the earth’s rebirth in springtime.

4/16 Concert Archives A sampler of live performances drawn from the extensive collection of Pipedreams recordings.

4/23 Love in Springtime When the seasons change, tunes both secular and sacred put us in an amorous mood.

4/30 The OHS in Minnesota Selections from concerts recorded during the Organ Historical Society’s national gathering in 2017.