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Meet Argentine Composer Roberto García Morillo on Fiesta, Apr 27th @ 10pm

4/6 Easter Celebration Latin America has developed its own and strong Easter musical traditions. Fiesta pays a visit to this deep and fresh water well of pieces and songs from different latitudes. Featuring Colonial Music from South America as well as Spain!

4/13 Brazilian Composer and Pianist Radames Gnatalli Radames Gnattali was – and still is – one of the most beloved characters in Brazilian music, both in classical and popular. Fiesta’s host, Elbio Barilari, will present a selection of Gnattali’s chamber and orchestral music, which features his love for Brazilian popular rhythms and melodies.

Roberto García Morillo

4/20 Touch of Nature Fiesta again explores how Latin American composers have interpreted nature in music. Forests, jungles, mountains, and coastlines all have their unique sound.

4/27 Argentine Composer García Morillo Roberto García Morillo was an Argentine composer, musicologist, music professor and music critic. He was enormously influential over several generations of Argentine composers and his music has been performed all over the world.

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