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Classical music in video games on GamePlay, 4/29 at 11am & 7pm

Wii Music
Wii Music. Image: © Nintendo
Wii Music

The thunderous rumbling of a church organ. An epic doom. A thin divide between life and death. Actually, it’s not really an organ. It’s a 16-bit Nintendo game called Super Ghouls ‘n Ghosts, borrowing the essence of Bach’s looming Toccata and Fugue in D minor.

4/1 Chorus II On this episode of Gameplay, we’ll enjoy original game soundtracks featuring choirs from all over the world, singing in languages from English and Latin to ancient Akkadian and more!

4/8 YS The influential YS series of action role-playing games is known for its music, full of wonderful melodies and thrilling rock showpieces.

4/15 Jazz II  Videogame music is full of standards: tunes that have become a part of our culture, and this week we will see how jazz artists reimagine these tunes.

4/22 Pokemon This week, we’ll enjoy the music of the world’s favorite Pocket Monsters: Pokemon! The original titles are full of melodies that bring the collectible critters and their world to life.

4/29 Classical Music II Classical music has been used on videogame soundtracks throughout their history.

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