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Pirates, pillagers and treasure on The Score, 4/29 @ 10am and 6pm


4/1 Great Hoaxes Scam, sham or flim-flam, hoaxes are out there and this week Edmund has a show dedicated to hoaxes and hoodwinks. Whether you fall for them or are just fascinated by them, you’ll love this episode, filled with music from Catch Me If You Can, They Eyes of Tummy Faye, War of the Worlds, Wag the Dog and more.

4/8       Hoppy Easter Get that warm and fuzzy feeling this week on The Score as Edmund Stone features all things Bunny. Whether they’re bringing baskets of Easter goodies in Hop and Rise of the Guardians, playing slam-dunking with Michael Jordan in Space Jam, or saving society from bigotry in Zootopia, rabbits are bound to make you smile. Hop to it with The Score.

4/15 Telling Tales: Movies About Storytelling Edmund is telling tales with a show all about the art of storytelling. Enjoy music to films that are stories about stories including Out of Africa, Three Thousand Years of Longing, Life of Pi and more.

4/22 The Suspense is Killing Me Join Edmund for a thrilling, taut sonic venture into suspense films. From classics such as North by Northwest and Death on the Nile to Inception and Bullet Train, it’s a show sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.

4/29 Treasure Quest Edmund has a treasure trove of music with a show about treasure hunters. Pillagers and pirates, opportunists and archeologists are looking for relics and riches in The Mummy, Ready Player One, Indiana Jones, The Good, The Bad and The Ugly and more.

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