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We journey with the Octopath Travelers on GamePlay, May 6

by Square Enix

Eight travelers. Eight adventures. Eight roles to play in a new world. We'll explore it all at 11 am or 7 pm

5/6 Octopath Traveler This week, we’ll take a journey through the enchanting music of Octopath Traveler, a score full of soaring melodies inspired by the soundtracks of role-playing classics.

5/13 Dinosaurs Dinosaurs hold enormous appeal for people of all ages, and it's no surprise that these Mesozoic monsters have been featured in many videogames.

5/20 Horizon Forbidden West The huge original soundtrack to Horizon Forbidden West breathes life into a lush yet dangerous dystopian landscape, immersing the player into the world of resourceful heroine Aloy. This week, we’ll explore the score through selections by each of its four main composers.

5/27 Arnie Roth We talk with the Grammy-winning conductor and share some of his groundbreaking recordings.

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