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Learn more about videogame composer Austin Wintory, 6/10 & 6/17 at 11am & 7pm

Videogame composer Austin Wintory
Videogame composer Austin Wintory

For composer Austin Wintory, the realization that writing music video games was something he wanted to do, came early. Read a wonderful interview with the composer from Spitfire Audio here.

6/3 Massively Multiplayer We’ll explore some of the sweeping scores that accompany these epic worlds, from World of Warcraft to Final Fantasy XIV to Guild Wars and more.

6/10 Austin Wintory and the Music Journey We talk with composer Austin Wintory, the first composer to write a Grammy-nominated videogame score.

6/17 Austin Wintory and A Journey Symphony Composer Austin Wintory tells us about how his collaborations with musicians represent the heart of his music.

6/24 Horror Hear spine-tingling scores from Resident Evil, Dead Space, A Plague Tale and more.

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