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The Score takes a new look at Westerns, Sat 6/10 @ 10am and 6pm

A scene from the movie “Tombstone.”
Photo submitted by the Appalachian Theatre
A scene from the movie “Tombstone.”

We'll hear music from movies like Power of the Dog, The Harder They Fall, Tombstone and more.

6/3 Ship in a Bottle This week Edmund is setting a course for adventure with a show all about sailing ships of old. Be on the bridge with Master and Commander: Far Side of the World, brave the open ocean with Kon Tiki and Vikings: Valhalla, and feel the salt air with The Sea Hawk. It’s some of the best nautical tales - told by the best.

6/10 A New Look at the Old West It’s the quintessential American movie genre - the Western. This week on The Score, saddle up with Edmund Stone and enjoy music from movies that go beyond the stereotypes. Take a new look at the Old West with movies that tell tales of living on the frontier, and larger than life heroes and villains such as Power of the Dog, The Harder They Fall, Tombstone and more.

6/17 What a Ride! Edmund is bringing the vacation to YOU with a show packed with fun and music featuring theme park rides - the movies they inspired and the rides that were inspired by the movies. It’s your ticket to adventure with Pirates of the Caribbean, Jungle Cruise, Jurassic Park, Super Mario Bros and lots more.

6/24 The History of America According to Hollywood, Part 1 This week Edmund Stone celebrates America’s birthday with the first of a two-part series that takes a look, through the cameras of Hollywood, from the early years of the country’s history up to post World War II. From pre-colonial days as depicted in The New World, to the Civil War in Glory, through the westward expansion in Dances With Wolves, acts of extraordinary heroism in Saving Private Ryan, and the challenges of returning home, forever changed, with The Best Years of our Lives.

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