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Pipedreams celebrates the 150th birth anniversary of Max Reger, 9/3 @ 8pm

Max Reger, described as both a conservative and a visionary, looking back to the traditional forms of the 18th century and forward to the harmonic adventures of the 20th, has had his music described as the counterpoint of Bach meets the harmonies of Schoenberg.

9/3 Five (Not So) Easy Pieces A reflection on the effusive art of Max Reger in this year of the 150th anniversary of his birth. His scores may be black with notes, but also are full of color and emotion.

9/10 American Music A reflection on the diverse styles by which American composers express themselves.

9/17 Invitation to the Dance Though the pipe organ itself may seem big and ponderous, its music will have your toes tapping.

NOTE: This program will air at 9pm to accommodate the Live broadcast of the Yom Kippur service from Temple B'rith Kodesh.
9/24 (9pm) Isabelle Demers at the Proms The irrepressible and ever resilient Canadian virtuoso shares here light with the audience at the Royal Albert Hall.