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Newly commissioned opera by YIN Qing, 9/9 @ 3pm (special time)

YIN Qing's The Ballad of the Canal

The Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, with the history of over 2500 years, is a man-made miracle on par with the Great Wall. Composed by YIN Qing, The Ballad of Canal is the first national opera presented by NCPA, in the style of folk singing, and is presented here for the very first time on US radio. The opera celebrates the ups and downs of life on the canal, full of joy and sorrow, life and death, righteousness and evil—all sung in a virtuosic and stunning folk style.

9/2 Wagner: Tannhäuser  (National Centre for the Performing Arts Opera)
Tannhäuser — Endrik Wottrich
Elisabeth — Barbara Haveman
Venus — Giuseppina Piunti
Wolfram von Eschenbach — Markus Werba
Hermann — Manfred Hemm
Walther von der Vogelweide — Vicente Ombuena
Biterolf — Karsten Mewes
Heinrich der Schreiber — Kurt Azesberger
Reinmar von Zweter — Rainer Zaun
Shepherd — ZHANG Xin

9/9 YIN Qing: The Ballad of the Canal (National Centre for the Performing Arts Opera)
SHUI Honglian — WANG Lida / WANG Zhe
QIN Xiaosheng — WANG Hongwei / WANG Zenan
GUAN Yanyan — WANG Li / JIN Tingting
ZHANG Shuiyao — SUN Li / WANG Hexiang
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9/16 Donizetti: La Fille du Régiment (National Centre for the Performing Arts Opera)
Marie — Sabina Puértolas
Tonio — SHI Yijie
Sulpice — Giovanni Romeo
La Marquise de Berkenfield — Doris Lamprecht
La Duchesse de Krakenthorp — Daniela Mazzuccato
Hortensius — WANG Hexiang
Un Caporal — ZHAO Denghui
Un Paysan — MEN Hongduo
Un Notaire — GUO Shuojie

9/23 Puccini: La fanciulla del West (National Centre for the Performing Arts Opera)
Minnie — Amarilli Nizza
Jack Rance — Claudio Sgura
Dick Johnson (alias Ramerrez) — Marco Berti
Nick — KOU Jing
Ashby — WANG Meng
Sonora — Domenico Balzani
Trin — ZHU He
Sid — ENG Zhe
Bello — SHANG Chunlai
Harry — DU Fanyong
Joe — GUO Jianchao
Happy — ZHAO Denghui
Larkens — ZHAO Ming
Billy — DU Ang
Wowkle — LIU Lu
Jake Wallace — ZHANG Yang

9/30 George Benjamin: Picture a Day Like This (Aix-en-Provence Festival)
Woman -- Marianne Crebassa
Zabelle -- Anna Prohaska
Lover 1 / Composer -- Beate Mordal
Lover 2 / Composer’s Assistant -- Cameron Shahbazi
Artisan / Collector -- John Brancy