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Throughout the year Classical 91.5 will present a number of special programs or mini-series that are not a part of our regular broadcast schedule. Come back to this page on a regular basis to find out about these special programs.

Special: I Hear America Singing with Cantus, 9/4 @ 3:00pm

Cantus IHAS

Join Cantus for I Hear America Singing, a joyful examination of the role work has played in our lives in years past and how work might evolve into the future.

I Hear America Singing is anchored by an arrangement of Walt Whitman’s celebrated poem of the same name set to music by Cantus bass Chris Foss, and includes works by Stacey Gibbs, Stevie Wonder, Franz Schubert and Sydney Guillaume.

The view of one’s life’s work has taken on different meanings in societies and eras across the world. From servant and slavery systems of old, to the industrial revolution, to labor unions and the gig economy, our idea of work is ever-changing.

As in all aspects of our culture, music has been a part of work every step of the way. Today, both the advent of remote-work and the emerging question of universal basic income are creating new paradigms and discussions about the meaning of work.