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Fiesta introduces us to Portuguese Impressionist composer António Fragoso, Thu 10/19 @ 10pm

Daniel Arrhakis' homage to the great Portugese composer, musicologist and pianist António de Lima Fragoso (1897 - 1918), son of Viriato de Sá Fragoso and Maria Isabel de Sá Lima.

The Blue Rose And The Crow - Homage To António Fragoso (1897-1918)
Daniel Arrhakis 2017 via flickr
The Blue Rose And The Crow - Homage To António Fragoso (1897-1918)

10/5 Two Living Composers: Liduino Pitombeira & Felipe Pérez Santiago Fresh music by two amazing and delightful living composers full of imagination and luxurious sounds: the Brazilian Liduino Pitombeira and the Mexican Felipe Pérez Santiago.

10/12 Chamber Music from Brazil This week we will hear Camargo Guarnieri’s delightful and whimsical Estudio para piccolo, Radames Gnatally Sonatina for cello and Two Guitars as well as works by Júlio Medaglia and Heitor Villa-Lobos.

10/19 Portuguese Impressionism: António Fragoso (1897-1918) If you think Impressionism was only a French style of music, wait until you listen to Portuguese composer António Fragoso! He was a favorite of Debussy and in his short life, he wrote some of the most beautiful music of that era.

10/26 Brazilian Hidden Treasures For the last 100 years, Brazil has been a musical powerhouse, not just for popular music, like the famous samba and bossa nova, but also for its classical composers. Fiesta features some of the best-hidden treasures of Brazilian concert music. Works by Alceo Bocchino, Alexandre Levy and other Brazilian secret masters.

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