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Meet Jorge Cumbo on Fiesta, 11/23 @ 10pm and hear how Indigenous cultures inspired Latin music

Jorge Cumbo is an Argentinian musician who played the Andean quena flute, combining jazz and Argentine folklore.


11/2 Día de los Muertos - Day of the Dead Día de los Muertos has inspired music in the Latin America culture throughout history. Often confused with Halloween in America, the Day of the Dead is about the honoring and paying tribute to one’s ancestors.

11/9 Latin American Music of the 19th Century This program features beautiful Romantic music from Latin America. Often overlooked, this period of music featured a wide range of great composers. We will hear music by Venezuelan composer Teresa Carreño, Mexican composers Melesio Morales and Ricardo Castro, and Brazilian composers Leopoldo Miguez and Carlos Gomes.

11/16 The Chamber Side of Tango Tango was born around 1880 in Buenos Aires and Montevideo as dance music, but by the 1940ʼs, it was introduced to the concert hall. Since then, tango has inspired many composers to write concert music for this globally popular dance. We will feature some of the masters of tango including Astor Piazzolla, Pablo Ziegler, and Lalo Schifrin.

11/23 Indigenous Inspiration There is a huge repertoire of Latin American symphonic and chamber music inspired by the indigenous American cultures. We will celebrate this inspiration with music including Luis Gianneo’s Concierto Aymará, for violin and orchestra and the Quena Concerto by Jorge Cumbo, which features the Andean flute of the same name.

11/30 Music from Catalonia USA-born pianist Mac McClure developed a strong relationship with Catalonia and the Catalonian music scene. This week, Fiesta will feature a selection of his solo piano recordings as well as vocal and chamber recordings by Joan Comellas, Joaquim Casssadó, Federic Mompou, and other Catalonian composers.

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