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Fiesta explores music inspired by art - December 2019

Velazquez's Portrait of Juan de Pareja

In the 12/12 broadcast we'll hear from Spanish composers who have a special liking for Spanish artists. Here we see the work of Baroque era artist Diego Velazquez.

12/5      An Ideal Imaginary Concert Continuing with our series Imaginary Concerts. Imagine this: you are attending a symphonic concert. You take a seat and the conductor picks up the baton. But instead of playing the so-called “standard concert repertoire”, the orchestra instead starts with a colorful Latino overture, continues with a fantastic Latino concerto, and tops the evening with a full scale Latino symphony!

12/12    Spanish Music and Visual Arts Spanish composers seem to have a strong predilection for the visual arts. This is not surprising for a country that gave us Diego Velazquez, Goya, and Picasso among many other first-rate artists. This week, Fiesta explores the connections between Spanish music and visual art.

12/19    Fresh Ink Classical music in the 20th and 21st century has had a strong presence throughout Latin America.  Host Elbio Barilari share some of the most interesting and beautiful music to come out of Latin America in the past decade. 

12/26    Latin American Christmas Carols A selection of villancicos, or Christmas carols, from Spain and Latin America are featured on this joyous Christmas-themed program from Fiesta. Join us for music that spans several centuries and a great diversity of influences and traditions!