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Travel to Mexico with Pipedreams, January 2020

Organ of the CATHEDRAL, Oaxaca City
Organ of the CATHEDRAL, Oaxaca City

Pipedreams in January 2020 takes us to Mexico where we'll explore some of the great organs like this 1788 Organ of the Oaxaca Cathedral (1/19).

1/5       The Organist’s Yearbook  Our traditional summing-up of some of the previous year’s happenings in the world of the King of Instruments.

1/12      Alsacian Adventure  A preview of some incredible instruments to be visited during the upcoming Spring Pipedreams Tour (May 23-June 7, 2020).

1/19      The Marvels of Mexico  We delight in the historic sounds of modest and monumental instruments in Mexico City and Oaxaca province.

1/26      Longwood’s Legacy  Prize winners Sebastian Heindl, Bryan Anderson and Colin MacKnight perform at the 2019 Longwood International Organ Competition.