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Scores with Fresh Ink on the page, Fiesta, December 2020

Fresh Ink

This month (12/10) we'll hear music by composers from Catalonia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay that has been written in the past decades - Fresh Ink so to speak.

12/3   Alicia de Larrocha  Fiesta celebrates the legacy of the great Spanish Pianist Alicia de Larrocha. We will share some of Elbio’s favorite recordings of this great artist.
12/10   Fresh Ink  Classical music in the 20th and 21st century has had a strong presence throughout Latin America.  Host, Elbio Barilari share some of the most interesting and beautiful music to come out of Latin America in the past decade.  Recent pieces by composers from Catalonia, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Argentina, and Uruguay.
12/17   Revisiting Mexico  Mexico is one of the powers houses of Latin American music and the cradle of some of the top composers of the 20th century, such as Manuel Ponce, Carlos Chávez and Silvestre Revueltas. Fiesta goes back to Mexico for a fresh view on the musical life of that great country.
12/24   Latin American Christmas Carols  A selection of villancicos or Christmas carols from Spain and Latin America that span several centuries and a great diversity of influences and traditions.
12/31   Imaginary Concert  Continuing with our series Imaginary Concerts: think that you are attending a symphonic concert in which instead of hearing one of the so-called the “standard concert repertoire,” the orchestra starts with a colorful Latino overture, continues with a fantastic Latino concerto and tops the evening with a full scale Latino symphony.