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Uruguayan composer & oboist Leon Biriotti celebrated on Fiesta, July 2021

Leon Birotti caricature by Jaime Clara
Leon Birotti caricature by Jaime Clara

Uruguayan composer, conductor, and oboist León Biriotti passed away late in 2020.  We'll celebrate his life and music July 22 at 10pm.  Here we see a caricature of the oboist done by Jaime Clara.

7/1       Chamber Music from Mexico This program features fascinating chamber music by Mexican composers such as Salvador Contreras, Miguel Bernal Jiménez, and Silvestre Revueltas, among others.

7/8       Esta Tierra Es Mi Tierra: Latino Composers Reflect on the American Experience Both, US born Latino composers and composers that migrated from Latin America have written music reflecting the American experience in all its nuances.  We’ll share music about the immigrants’ journey and life in the United States. Come celebrate Independence Day with us… Latino style!

7/15      Duos and Trios Latin American is an inexhaustible well of chamber music. Elbio Barilari will guide you on a fascinating sonic tour featuring ensembles of 2s and 3s.

7/22      A Tribute to León Biriotti The great Uruguayan composer, conductor, and oboist passed away in late 2020. We celebrated the life and music of this great South American musical icon. Elbio Barilari will share stories of his life and career as well as some of his most beautiful music.

7/29      A New Visit to the Baroque Music of Latin America Fiesta continues exploring the infinite wealth of Latin American colonial music, from Mexico to Brazil. We’ll hear performances by Cappella Mediterranea, Ex Cathedra, and Ensemble Villancico.