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Mind-bending films on The Score, July 2021

Life of Pi
Life of Pi

  Imagination is very powerful. It allows our minds to create things beyond the events that happen to us on a day-to-day basis.  Life of Pi is a novel by Yann Martel about Pi, a young man who must face a life or death situation. Pi manages to survive thanks to his imagination. We'll hear the music from this film and other mind-bending films on July 24th at 10am and 6pm.

7/3       History of America - According to Hollywood, Part 2 This week we continue the celebration of our history, as seen by Hollywood with movies following World War 2 and even venturing into the future. Enjoy music from First Man, Apocalypse Now, BlacKkKlansman, Nomadland, The Social Network, The Martian, and a few more.

7/10      Recent Pixar This week we’ll look at how Pixar's family entertainment movies have continued to enjoy popularity with Coco, Onward, Inside Out, and the recent Oscar-winner Soul

7/17      Bang for the Buck  Big movies made on little budgets, films that went on to become Hollywood Gold. Enjoy music from Rocky, The Terminator, Moonlight, Get Out, Star Wars: A New Hope, and a few more.

7/24      Mind Benders  This week we present movies with plot twists that keep you guessing even after the film is over, with examples from Life of Pi, The Butterfly Effect, Inception, and The Matrix.

7/31      Eco-Friendly - Green is Good  We invite you to take a closer listen at one of the “hottest” topics of our time - climate change or as the movies call it: “Cli-Fi”. Explore the soundtracks from movies that have given us metaphors for the science and the impact of living on this planet such as Happy Feet, Medicine Man and David Attenborough’s A Perfect Planet. It’s a powerful topic, filled with great music… and hope.