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Koolulam brings people together in song.

Christian Science Monitor
Courtesy of Tomer Foltyn. Lead conductor Ben Yefet leads a Koolulam event in Tel Aviv with 12,000 participants in 2018.

Along Israel's border with Gaza, thousands of people from all walks of life, all political sides and all social classes, come together to SING!  Why?

It is Koolulam, a self-described “social musical initiative” that literally means to come together and sing, which encourages participants to put aside their differences, of age, ethnicity, social class or political views for a brief period and come together in song.

Distraught by the divisions in Israel, Koolulam co-founder and film director Or Taicher, wanted to do something to bring people closer together. 

I wondered if musical harmony could lead to human harmony.

Koolulam co-founder and musical director Ben Yefet says that the goal is to create "a new reality, with new rules and a new experience for people of coming together as a group with a common goal: to sing well together and experience what it feels like to be something larger than our individual selves."

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