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  • This is a place where our classical hosts, interns and artists can share their stories, viewpoints and point of view on topics related to classical music and the arts in general. Come back to this page often to read the latest and share your comments.
  • A collection of discussions between special guests and Music Director and midday host, Julia Figueras.
  • Throughout the year Classical 91.5 will present a number of special programs or mini-series that are not a part of our regular broadcast schedule. Come back to this page on a regular basis to find out about these special programs.
  • Airs at 1:20 p.m. on Classical 91.5; at 2:04 p.m. on AM 1370; and at 9:20 a.m. on Different RadioWXXI celebrates poets and their words during the month of April, which is National Poetry Month. Once again this year, we will have a special series of Poetry Moments, created in collaboration with Rochester-based BOA Editions, celebrating more than 40 years of independent publishing.These WXXI/BOA Poetry Moments are an annual celebration. Our 2017 Poetry Moments are available here, and our 2018 Poetry Moments are available here.
  • As we travel through the year, Classical 91.5 will present a number of seasonal or holiday specials. Come back to this page on a regular basis to find out what specials we're offering to delight you and enrich your holiday celebrations.
  • 00000175-40b0-dc5e-a1ff-d6b7720b0000On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 landed on the moon and we all heard that famous statement, "That's one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind." WXXI is celebrating the 50th anniversary on all of our services and we're inviting you to share your memories of where you were at that moment when Neil Armstrong took that step onto the moon's surface. Below you'll find:share your Moonwalk Memories herea listing of music that you can hear on Classical 91.5a link to the PBS Summer of Space programming on WXXI-TVa blog post from Classical 91.5 intern Neal Ganguli reflecting on this piece of history from a millennial's perspective
  • This year marks the 100th anniversary of the passage of the 19th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, granting women the right to vote. Acclaimed American soprano and Public Radio Host Kearstin Piper Brown takes listeners on a journey through women’s suffrage, with WXXI’s Suffrage Moments.Focusing heavily on New York State’s role in the passage of 19th Amendment, each feature looks at an aspect of the Suffrage Movement, from the Seneca Falls Convention and the National Woman’s Party to the various anti-suffrage efforts and the arrest of Susan B. Anthony. Other topics in the series include the Susan B. Anthony House, changes in voting laws after the American Revolution, and the meaning of the word suffrage.00000175-40b0-dc5e-a1ff-d6b7722b0003Kearstin Piper Brown is a graduate of both Spelman College and Northwestern University. She has performed with the San Francisco Opera, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, Opera Ebony, Moscow City Symphony Orchestra and Cincinnati Opera, to name just a few. A former editorial assistant on NPR’s Performance Today, she hosts Classical Music on WXXI Classical 91.5 FM in Rochester, New York.Anti-Suffrage EffortsOpposition to Women's SuffrageSusan B. Anthony ArrestedSeneca Falls ConventionThe Turning TideThe Meaning of SuffrageSusan B. AnthonySusan B. Anthony HouseThe National American Woman Suffrage AssociationThe National Women's PartyThe Nineteenth AmendmentNew York State's Role in Suffrage
  • In celebration of the 40th anniversary of WXXI-FM Classical 91.5 (in 2014), we asked you to help us celebrate. Beginning Tuesday, April 15th, we played your top 40 favorite classical works on air throughout the day, and posted more information about your favorites right here on this page. Learn more about each work that you chose as your top 40 favorites on Classical 91.5.
  • Since 2003 WXXI and the Al Sigl Community of Agencies have worked together with the Herman and Margaret Schwartz Community to help break the ingrained stereotypes about individuals with intellectual and physical disabilities. The year-round project called MOVE TO INCLUDE, is designed to motivate individuals to take action and include more people with disabilities in the workplace, in schools, neighborhoods and in all aspects of society. Dialogue on Disability, a week-long spotlight initiative takes place every January, and is supported by the Fred L. Emerson Foundation with additional support from The Golisano Foundation.
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