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Musicians of Rochester: Katie Fittipaldi

Katie  Fittipaldi
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Katie Fittipaldi, a Rochester-area cello and Alexander Technique teacher, is passionate about creating learning environments that support both students and teachers.

Katie has her own cello studio and teaches Alexander Technique classes at the Eastman School of Music. As Katie tells us, “Alexander Technique came into being because an actor, FM Alexander, who lived from 1869 to 1955, kept losing his voice during performances. And he didn't know why.

This prompted him to pay more attention to himself. And after a while, he started to become aware that his neck tightened quite a bit when speaking, so much so, that his head was quite stuck on the top of his spine, which was putting all sorts of pressure and strain on his voice.” Out of his own experiments to prevent this strain on the voice, came the Alexander Technique - a method of remaining curious about what we are doing.

Katie uses the Alexander Technique to invite more ease into her cello playing, her teaching, and her life - and shares some ideas about how we can all do the same, and what the Alexander Technique can offer in teaching scenario.

To learn more about Katie you can listen to the full interview here and visit, https://www.alexandertechniquerochester.com/