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Musicians of Rochester serves as a portrait of musical life in and around the greater Rochester, New York region.

Musicians of Rochester: Siena Facciolo

Siena Facciolo
Siena Facciolo

Siena Facciolo is a musician that channels every aspect of her being into each chord she plays or note she sings. Siena grew up in Vermont, where she started piano lessons at 6 years old and continued on to be a classically trained pianist and talented vocalist. In university, she spent two years at McGill (one year studying environmental sciences) before switching to their music program, and ultimately transferring to the University of Rochester to complete her undergraduate studies in music. As much as she enjoys performing her work, she also takes time to teach piano, and has offered private lessons throughout her music career.

While soul-folk singer/songwriter might be the easiest label to describe her as a musician, Siena feels that it’s important to have the freedom to explore different genres and musical styles. This allows her to express herself  fully and without compromise. The music she writes and performs is infinitely personal, and every song is an invitation for the audience to form their own experiences and have their own feelings about the material.

Her first album, Dear House, is a brilliantly written set of soulful songs about home & family, sadness & joy - it invites listeners into the hearth of Siena’s heart, and it absolutely does not hold back.

Being a long time private piano teacher, it’s only natural that she’s found herself starting a new position as a classroom music teacher at the Academy of Health Sciences Charter School. While she doesn’t have the formal education of a classroom teacher, her unmatched passion for making music and her great experience in teaching music means she’s more than capable of inspiring and giving her students the tools to engage with music in a meaningful way.

Siena has always had the drive and confidence to persue her interests, and her all-or-nothing attitude will continue to grant her success in whatever she sets her mind to.

Listen to the full interview here:

Visit Siena's website or email her at siena.facciolo@gmail.com if you'd like to book lessons. You can find her music here, or purchase tickets see her live at Rochester Fringe Festival here