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Pipedreams host Michael Barone digs into the archives, January 2022

Michael Barone in the MPR-Collegeville studios ca. 1977
Michael Barone in the MPR-Collegeville studios ca. 1977

Michael Barone shares recordings from the archives on the Jan 30th episode, 8:00pm

1/2 An Organist’s Yearbook The annual summing up of twelve month’s happenings, celebrating success and lamenting losses. Contents TBA

1/9 At the Abbey To enhance the instrument’s versatility and impact, Martin Pasi recently completed a 46-rank addition to the historic 64-rank 1961 Holtkamp pipe organ at St. John’s Benedictine Abbey in Collegeville, MN.

1/16 Nordic Variations We explore more Scandinavian music with intrepid and indefatigable recitalist and recording artist James D. Hicks.

1/23 Minnesota Music & Musicians A collection of choice concert recordings from the home territory of Pipedreams.

1/30 From the Archives Recordings (on analog tape) made by producer-host Michael Barone.in the days before Pipedreams.