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Throughout the year Classical 91.5 will present a number of special programs or mini-series that are not a part of our regular broadcast schedule. Come back to this page on a regular basis to find out about these special programs.

Special: Justin Holland: The Guitar’s Black Pioneer

Black & white portrait of Justin Holland, paired with cover of his guitar methods book

In addition to being a black guitar virtuoso, Justin Holland was a composer, educator, and activist. We'll hear his story and his music on Fri 4/1 at 2:00p.

One of the best guitar virtuosos of the 19th century lived right here in the United States. In addition to being a black guitar virtuoso, Justin Holland was a composer, educator, and activist. Born free, Holland worked to help other enslaved Black people on the Underground Railroad. Host Scott Blankenship shares his music and speaks with Professor Ernie Jackson, a Holland expert and guitarist himself.

W.H. Rulistun (arr. J. Holland): Rochester Schottische – Ernie Jackson, guitar

Justin Holland: Last Waltz of a Lunatic – Ernie Jackson, guitar

Giuseppe Verdi (arr. J. Holland): La Traviata – Michael Vascones, guitar

Ludwig van Beethoven (arr. J. Holland): Gertrude’s Dream Waltz – Michael Vascones, guitar

Vincenzo Bellini (arr. J. Holland): La Sonnambula – Michael Vascones, guitar

Justin Holland: Home Sweet Home With Variations – Mark Delpriora, guitar

Joseph Labitzky (arr. J. Holland): Elfin Waltzes – Mark Delpriora, guitar

Justin Holland: Peek-a-Boo Waltz – Mark Delpriora, guitar

W. T. Wrighton (arr. J. Holland): Dearest Spot on Earth – Keith Calmes, guitar

Justin Holland: Pansy Blossom Waltz – Keith Calmes, guitar

Justin Holland: Moonlight Mazurka – Keith Calmes, guitar

Friedrich von Flowtow (arr. J. Holland): Martha – Gabriele Leite, guitar

Justin Holland: Musette de Nina – Gabriele Leite, guitar

Gioachino Rossini (arr. J. Holland): William Tell Overture – Gabriele Leite, guitar