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The Tango tradition of Buenos Aires, August 2022

Street dancers dancing the Tango on the streets of Buenos Aires

The Tango culture is immensely present in Buenos Aires, but not everyone dances tango and you won’t find spontaneous dancers in every public square. But, on any given night, there are a number of organized places to dance tango, know as milongas. In some areas you’ll even find tango dancers posing for photos and doing little numbers for clapping tourists. Tune in 8/31 @ 10pm to hear the music that inspires the dance.

8/3 Karen Gomyo Plays Piazzolla Selections from Ms. Gomyo's album "A Piazzolla Trilogy"

8/10 TWC Welcomes Gisèle Ben-Dor Cally interviews conductor Gisèle Ben-Dor, and highlights her recordings.

8/17 Pugliese’s Passion and Politics The story of Osvaldo Pugliese's music and his conflicts with the Argentine government.

8/24 D'Arienzo's Dance Band The music and story of popular band leader Juan D'Arienzo, Tango's "King of the Beat.”

8/31 Taxi Dancers The skinny on dance partners for hire in Buenos Aires!

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