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From the Top pays tribute to long-time announcer Joanne Robinson in September


Tune in 9/18 at 5pm to hear some of FTT announcer Joanne Robinson's favorite shows from her long career.

9/4 Hear dazzling performances by violinist Hannah Tam who performs Bartók, violinist Ava Kenney who performs Rhapsody No. 2, by Jessie Montgomery, pianist Justin Wahby performing Chopin, cellist George Wolfe-McGuire who performs a cellos sonata by Rachmaninoff, and violist Julian Tugaoen who performsThe Three G’s by Kenji Bunch.

9/11 From Chicago, IL, we’ll hear cellist Noah Chen perform Dvořák, “The Bone Rangers” perform Excerpts from City of Arts and Sciences by David Faleris, pianist Xuanyan Jessie Gong performs music by Rachmaninoff, violinist Jeremy Foster plays J.S. Bach, and we’ll hear Scattered Dawn by young composer Taki Salameh.

9/18 In honor of the 20-year career of From the Top announcer Joanne Robinson, this program features some of Robinsons superb comedic contributions to skits and humor segments. It also features performances by young performers personally chosen by Joanne Robinson. We’ll hear tuba player Carolyn Jantsch, who is now Principal Tuba Player for the Philadelphia Orchestra; baritone Jarrod Lentz who is now an employee of From the Top; harpist Melody Lyndsay who went to Princeton and is now Post Doctoral Scientist at the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences; the Harbison Quintet who performed in 2004;
Filarmónica Joven de Colombia who appeared in 2012; the AYM Piano Trio from 2005; and pianist Colton Peltier, from a program in 2008.

9/25 This week, we are treated to a rare performance on harpsichord by Torsten Fras; we’ll hear trumpeter Lydia Hanje; flutist Amy Hwang; cellist Dennis Eum; and the sibling Orchard String Duo of guitarist Andrew and harpist Aden Eva Barbuta.

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