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The Orquesta Color Tango is featured on the 12/14 broadcast when Tango with Cally returns to 10 pm

The Orchestra Color Tango by Roberto Alvarez
The Orchestra Color Tango by Roberto Alvarez

Since its beginning in 1990, the Orquesta Color Tango by Roberto Alvarez has been one of the key figures of the tango scene.

12/7 Colombia and Tango The people of Colombia love Tango and have honored Carlos Gardel's legacy since his tragic death there in 1935. The sad memory of Carlos Gardel’s tragic death in a flight from Medellín to Bogotá has imprinted in Colombians a deep love for tango. Host Cally Banham explores the journey of Tango in Colombia, from a genre relatively unknown, to one of its most famous and popular music and dance styles.

12/14 (RETURNS TO 10pm) Color Tango Orchestra The music and origin story of Orquesta Color Tango. Orquesta Color Tango has performed in the most elite venues across the globe since 1990, and their eleven albums are heard and danced to in milongas worldwide! This week’s episode showcases their recordings, and host Cally Banham’s personal story about meeting Director Roberto Alvarez and the musicians of Color Tango in Buenos Aires.

12/21 Milonga for the Pope  Pope Francis, who was born in Buenos Aires, is known to be a big fan of Tango. In December of 2014, thousands of people danced a mass tango in St. Peter’s Square to honor his 78th birthday! This week host Cally Banham recounts some interviews which touch on Pope Francis’s experience with the tango. Music from the orchestra of Juan D’Arienzo and other favorites of the Pope are featured.

12/28 Composer Osvaldo Golijov Argentine classical composer Osvaldo Golijov grew up listening to the tango nuevo of Astor Piazzolla. One of his most popular compositions “Last Round” is an homage to Piazzolla and also quotes a melody from Tango icon Carlos Gardel! Cally gives the background on this lively piece and features some of Golijov’s other notable compositions.

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