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The Score celebrates film scores by women composers, Sat 3/18 @ 10am and 6pm

Co-composers Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard scored the music of Gladiator
Universal Music Company
Co-composers Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard scored the music of Gladiator

Reviewer Mark Walker said this of the score by Hans Zimmer and Lisa Gerrard: Vocalist and co-composer Lisa Gerrard adds her ethereal vocalisms to the music's more intimate scenes. Her contribution brings an exotic, Oriental flavour to a score that in its broad musical canvas reflects the movie's depiction of the vast scope of the Roman Empire.

3/4 A Portrait of Ireland  This week on The Score Edmund Stone weaves a musical tapestry of the charm, the history and the beauty of the Emerald Isle in A Portrait of Ireland. Classic camp with fifties favorite The Quiet Man, stories of immigration including Brooklyn and Far and Away, stories of strength through The Troubles from In the Name of the Father, and folk tales and history in The Secret of Kells.

3/11 The 2023 Academy Awards Hollywood’s most glittering award ceremony, the 95th Annual Academy Awards are coming down the red carpet and Edmund Stone has the nominees for Best Score lined up for you. Enjoy music from all five nominees - 1x, 2x, 3x, 4x, and 5x.

3/18 Women Composers: Changing the Play List This week on The Score Edmund Stone pays tribute to women composers with interviews with leaders of the Alliance of Women Composers, and great scores by some of the most acclaimed creators of film music including, music from Wendy Carlos’ Tron, Lisa Gerards’s brilliant work in Gladiator, Rachel Portman’s Oscar-winning Emma, and more

3/25 Good for a Laugh - Edmund's Favorite Comedies If laughter is the best medicine, then you’re in for a dose of a good time this week on The Score as Edmund Stone features music from some of his personal favorite comedy films. Get a peek at what movies make Edmund laugh out loud, a bit of the Brit with The Pink Panther, the star-studded spoof Galaxy Quest and the inconceivable-ly funny Princess Bride.

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