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José Basso on Tango with Cally, June 21st @ 10pm

José Basso

6/7 Tango DJ Music for a milonga, from the perspective of a Tango DJ. Host Cally Banham presents an assortment of Tango Golden Era dance favorites commonly heard at milongas around the world, selections she'd choose as Tango DJ. It’s hard to sit still when the lively waltzes and tangos from the big orchestras are playing! Music featured is from Aníbal Troilo, Carlos Di Sarli, Osvaldo Pugliese, Juan D’Arienzo and more.

6/14 Kronos Quartet Astor Piazzolla's collaboration with the Kronos Quartet at the end of his life. Astor Piazzolla first heard the Kronos Quartet perform in New York toward the end of his life. Mutual admiration between the composer and the ensemble led to a meaningful collaboration, which included Piazzolla’s last ever studio recording session. Host Cally Banham shares recordings of of Kronos Quartet with Piazzolla on bandoneon, performing the music he wrote for them.

6/21 José Basso Tango musician José Basso's recordings along with stories from his long career. Pianist, orchestra leader and composer José Basso is considered one of the musicians rooted in tango of later times with the toughest stamina. After being trained by the great Anibal Troilo, Basso led his own orchestra uninterruptedly for over fifty years! Everywhere he went, from Argentina to Japan, he was wildly popular, Host Cally Banham plays the music of José Basso spanning his long career and tells stories of his extraordinary life.

6/28 Colombia and Tango The people of Colombia love Tango and have honored Carlos Gardel's legacy since his tragic death there in 1935. The sad memory of Carlos Gardel’s tragic death in a flight from Medellín to Bogotá has imprinted in Colombians a deep love for tango. Host Cally Banham explores the journey of Tango in Colombia, from a genre relatively unknown, to one of its most famous and popular music and dance styles.

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