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Venezuelan composer Antonio Estévez is featured on Fiesta, 6/29 @ 10pm

Cantata Criolla, the best known work of Venezuelan Composer Antonio Estévez, is a choral work from 1954 is based on a long poem by the Venezuelan Albert Árvelo Torrealba that relates a singing competition between the Devil and Florentino, a sort of Everyman character from the high plains of Venezuela.


6/1 Romantic Nationalism During the late 19th century and early 20th century, many Latin American composers wrote pieces in a romantic and nationalistic style, combining the techniques of 19th century western music with the flavor of rhythms and melodies of their countries. Fiesta explores that fascinating musical period.

6/8 Spanish Composer Matilde Salvador Matilde Salvador was brilliant Spanish composer and painter and was one of the leading figures in the Valencian art scene. Fiesta will feature her solo guitar work Homenatge a Mistral as well as some rarely heard pieces by this amazing artist.

6/15 The “Unknown” Joaquin Rodrigo Everybody considers Spanish composer Joaquin Rodrigo one of greatest composers of the 20th century. However, few of his pieces are well known to wider audiences. Fiesta presents some of Rodrigo’s not so well known great pieces.

6/22 Music for the Ballet Many of the most formidable pieces of the last hundred years have been dedicated to the ballet or modern dance. Latin American music is not the exception. Fiesta will present some of the most beloved, magical and dramatic Latin American works for dance.

6/29 Venezuelan Composer Antonio Estevez Antonio Estévez was a Venezuelan composer and conductor. He is the author of the “Cantata Criolla”, the most famous work of the nationalistic Venezuelan music and the most frequently performed composer of his country. We will hear that work as well as some hidden gems of this great composer.

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