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Celebrate NASA's 65th Anniversary with The Score, Sat 8/19 @ 10am and 6pm

Expedition 65 Poster
Expedition 65 Poster

Since its creation in 1958, NASA has become the world's premier agent for exploration in the "new ocean" of outer space. In just 50 years mankind's physical boundaries have been pushed from the Moon, to Mars and beyond.

8/5 Oscar Never Had So Much Fun – The Edmunds This week, Edmund is Master of Ceremonies with The Edmunds, an “Award Show” that’s all fun, all the time! Join him as he reads the nominations for and plays music from the winner and the runner-up for award categories we wish we had. Best Cameo, Best Scream, Best use of Food, Best use of a McGuffin, Best use of Made-up Science, and Best Inanimate Object in a movie. Will your favorite be amongst them?

8/12 Transformative Power of Music – Believe Music has the power to change your mood, your heart and maybe even the world. Edmund shares uplifting, inspiring music from films that will make you feel good. Music from Mary Poppins, Titanic, Akeelah and the Bee, Chariots of Fire, and more will have you believing things can change for the better.

8/19 Star Struck – Celebrating NASA’s 65th Anniversary  National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has been the premier institute for the exploration of space for 65 years. This week Edmund celebrates the stellar achievements of the people and the science that keeps us looking to the stars. Enjoy music from The Right Stuff, Apollo 13, First Man, Hidden Figures, Good Night Oppy and more.

8/26 Throwback Themes – From the radio to the big screen, themes that always entertain  Whether you remember sitting around that great big old radio or just heard tale of your ancestors doing so, today Edmund takes you back in time with great music from films that got their start on old-time radio. Ride with The Lone Ranger, sleuth with Sherlock Holmes, fly with Superman and more.

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