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Tango host Cally Banham presents a 3-week series on the Golden Age of Tango, 8/16, 23 & 30 @ 10pm

Ninón Sevilla, Miroslava Stern and Rosita Quintana
Ninón Sevilla, Miroslava Stern and Rosita Quintana

We'll explore the Composers, the Movie Stars and the Muses this month.

8/2 Biagi Off-Beat Host Cally Banham features musician Rodolfo Biagi, who developed a distinctive technique during the Golden Era. From behind the piano he directed his tango orchestra to place some accents outside the beat, and to leave some beats out completely! His clever style left the dancers placing steps on silent beats sometimes. Biagi enjoyed musically challenging them in this way.

8/9 Symphonic Piazzolla This episode features Sinfonia Buenos Aires, one of the last pieces Astor Piazzolla wrote before his teacher Nadia Boulanger convinced him to break away from the traditional classical style of composing, and develop his own voice with the Tango. Host Cally Banham examines this large scale symphonic triptych, placed alongside sound rich Golden Era tangos from Carlos Di Sarli and Florindo Sassone.

8/16 Women of Golden Era Tango Part 1: The Composers On this week’s episode we meet two pioneers of Tango recorded history - Eloísa D’Herbil de Silva, the first woman composer of tangos, and Maruja Pacheco Huergo, an extraordinarily talented pianist and composer, who broke down barriers in the male dominated Tango world.

8/23 Women of Golden Era Tango Part 2: The Movie Stars Several legendary tango singers and actresses of the silver screen are featured this week, including Mercedes Simone, Azucena Maizani, and Tita Merello. Cally shares their classic recordings along with stories about their fabled careers.

8/30 Women of Golden Era Tango Part 3: The Muses Mezzo-soprano Ada Falcón, muse to Canaro and likely the most famous muse in Tango history is spotlighted this week, along with dancers Carmencita Calderón and Lola Candales, who inspired the popular tango “La morocha”.

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