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Meet Argentinian composer Alberto Williams on Fiesta, Thu 12/7 @ 10pm


12/7 Argentine Composer Alberto Williams Born in Buenos Aires in 1862, Alberto Williams was the first Argentine composer that reached international fame. Fiesta visits his symphonic and piano works.

12/14 Romantic Latin America Fiesta features two passionate and romantic Latin American masterpieces from Argentina and Brazil. Constantino Gaito’s String Quartet No.1 and Francisco Mignone’s Piano Concerto.

12/21 Imaginary Concert This week, Fiesta takes you to an imaginary concert hall with a program featuring a late 18th century overture by Brazilian composer José Maurício Nunes Garcia, a piece for oboe and strings by Argentine tango innovator Astor Piazzolla, and a full-scale symphony by Chilean composer Juan Orrego-Salas, his Symphony No.2.

12/28 Classical Christmas in Latin America As a priest and a professional composer working for the church, José Maurício Nunes Garcia wrote several pieces celebrating Christmas. And in this program, Fiesta celebrates the season with a brand-new recording of his monumental mass entitled Missa de Nossa Senhora da Conceição, a great example of the early Classical style developed on this side of the Atlantic in the transition between the 18th and the 19th century.

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