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Under-rated super-heroes of cinema: bugs, on The Score, Sat 6/8 @ 10a and 6p

6/1 Never Too Old Enjoy music from films where older characters embrace new leases on life. Whether it’s outsourcing your retirement in India with The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel, flying your house to Paradise Falls in Pixar’s Up, or finally doing what you’ve always dreamed of in The Bucket List, it’s an invigorating look at life - for those who have lived some.

collage of images of bugs in movies
Photo-Illustration: Vulture

6/8 June Bugs This week Edmund is venturing into the under-rated super-heroes of the ecosystem - and some fun ones from cinema - bugs! Enjoy music from movies about the little creatures with a great big impact on our lives including A Bug’s Life, Antz, Alice in Wonderland, The Flight of the Butterfly, and more.

6/15 Dig It! Archeology in Movies Edmund is digging into archeology with movies such as Lost City of Zed, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Ammonite and a bit more down-to-earth with an exclusive conversation with Sir Tony Robinson of Time Team fame. Get ready for a musical archeological dig.

6/22 A Conversation with David Newman Edmund has an exclusive interview with composer David Newman. Enjoy hearing about some of his favorite compositions including Galaxy Quest, Ice Age, and Anastasia, and get an insider’s look into what it’s like to be in one of the Royal Families of composition - the amazing Newmans - Alfred, Randy, Thomas, Maria and David. Some of the best composition talents in the industry.

6/29 American Fireworks Celebrate the birth of this country with an episode filled with stirring music that captures the American Spirit, including Lincoln, First Man, Remember the Titans, Top Gun and more.

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