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The History of America from Hollywood films - The Score, June 2021


Dances with Wolves is just one of the films highlighted this month that to tell the story of American History through the eyes of Hollywood producers, in the first of a two-part series of The Score, Saturday 6/26 @ 10a and 7p.

6/5       Secret Messages This week we follow the clues with Ready Player One, The Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons, Interstellar, The Imitation Game and more. Secret Messages revealed.

6/12      Sword and Sandal Movies  This week Sword and Sandal movies. Music from big budget costume dramas including Ben-Hur, Gladiator, Conan the Barbarian, Hercules and more.

6/19      Artifacts and Fiction  This week movies where people search for icons, including Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Lord of the Rings, The Da Vinci Code, and more.

6/26      History of America - According to Hollywood, Part 1 This week we celebrate America’s birthday with a look, through the cameras of Hollywood, at the country’s history. From pre-colonial days as depicted in The New World, to the Civil War in Glory, through the westward expansion in Dances with Wolves, and life in post-World War II era with The Best Years of our Lives, it’s a dazzling musical depiction of some of the highlights of our history.