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Orchestral arrangements of video game music, GamePlay, September 2021


Chrono Cross is an amazing RPG (role-playing game) whose early 3D graphics have aged better than most. The music also has had new life in orchestral arrangements. We'll hear classically-trained ensembles perform this music and more, Saturday, Sep 18th at 11am and 7pm.

9/4        Jazz  When you think of jazz, you might think of big band swing in a ballroom, or enjoying a live combo in a candlelit club with a nice cocktail. But what about jazz... in a videogame? This week we’ll take a look at three very different but equally irresistible jazz-influenced game soundtracks.

9/11      Breath of the Wild  This week, we’re going to explore the innovative, spacious, and eclectic soundtrack to the Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, a 2017 game release whose original score pays homage to themes from 30 years of series history, while taking the sound of the Zelda franchise in a fresh, new direction.

9/18      New Release Spotlight  This week on Gameplay, we’ll enjoy some exciting new 2020 recordings from two classically-trained ensembles that specialize in performing the music of videogames! We’ll hear themes from games like Super Mario Sunshine, Chrono Cross, and Final Fantasy 7 arranged for brass ensemble, string quartet, woodwinds, steel drums, and much more.

9/25      The Music of Wilbert Roget  Composer Wilbert Roget is an amazing talent who has written original scores for some of the biggest videogame franchises on the planet! This episode of Gameplay features conversation with Wilbert Roget and selections of his music from Call of Duty: World War II, Mortal Kombat 11, Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris, and more.